Saturday, March 12, 2011

Final Post

I have to say I'm disgusted in myself for the last postings. I had promised myself and more importantly my wife to stop this. While I have rediscovered the Love of my life, I also stumbled back into this mess yesterday and it was really, really, stupid of me. She's much too important.

I will be seeing a counselor shortly and will not be posting to this or any others again. 


  1. Wow! Best of luck to you. Thanks for all your efforts. For me, mentally, your blogs helped me spice things up when I'm with my wife.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. You're not disgusting, you just need to accept and enjoy how you feel. Seduced into heels was one of the finest blogs for TG imagery and writing. Why did you remove it?

    Don't take the cowardly way out, embrace who you are and what you enjoy - isn't that everyone's right? If your wife loves you she should accept you as you are, and be a part of this lifestyle.

    Has she no interest in feminizing or dominating you?

    It's not too late to undelete both blogs. Don't you feel the urge, the temptation to be feminized into stockings and heels, feeling your body filled with cock or strap-on? You can purge now but you will revert - and when you do, you will regret having deleted all this beauty and perfection.

    Bring back seduced into heels. It's who you are and you can't change this fact or deny it from yourself - allow your wife to be a part of it.

  3. Hmmm I understand your pain. I too wrestle with similar feelings. True independence and individuality are so difficult to obtain in todays cluttered, electronically connected world. Seek time alone, away from EVERYTHING (Tibetan Munks). You will discover who you are and who you must be. Take care my friend... you matter deeply to many other souls.

  4. Disgusting?

    You and your wife should understand that fantasy is a VERY HEALTHY part of every persons life.
    Regardless of the stress you are under, a site like this is just a collection of Fantasies... They are not some rule book of life or a defining factor of your character.
    If I were married to a man like you I'd tell you to keep it going!

  5. I suspect that your wife wrote that last post.

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